Ram’s Head

49. Pendant: Ram’s Head

Accession Number77.AO.81.19
Date500–400 B.C.
DimensionsLength: 27.5 mm; width: 20.5 mm; depth: 12.5 mm; Weight: 3.6 g
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–1977, Gordon McLendon (Dallas, TX), donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1977.


The pendant is in a very good state of preservation, except for tiny chips missing from the right lip, the back of the neck, and the tip of the left horn. Only the chip from the horn appears to be recent. A web of cracks covers the surface of the piece, several of which have yellowish residue in them. The pendant is a dull red-brown, with yellowish surface alteration layers on the left cheek and especially on the underside of the pendant. The surface is opaque. In transmitted light, the amber is translucent and red. There are no visible inclusions.


In comparison to the other three rams placed in this group— (cat. no. 46), (cat. no. 47), and (cat. no. 48)—the nose is broader and its tip blunter and the horns more flattened against the head. The ram’s neck is cylindrical on top and flatter on the throat. All of these distinguishing features may indicate the limitations of the original amber nodule.


See the entry for . The 1.6 mm suspension perforation has remains of metal.