Ram’s Head

47. Pendant: Ram’s Head

Accession Number77.AO.81.17
Date500–400 B.C.
DimensionsLength: 30.5 mm; width: 18.5 mm; depth: 13 mm; Weight: 3.9 g
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–1977, Gordon McLendon (Dallas, TX), donated to the J. Paul Getty Museum, 1977.


The pendant is intact, with only small chips missing from the tip of the left ear and the tips of both horns. The amber is laced with cracks. The piece has been treated with amber oil. The pendant surface is a dull, blackish red. In transmitted light, subsurface cracking is visible and the pendant is deep red.


This pendant is nearly identical to the previous example (, cat. no. 46), with similar line engraving. However, the underside of this head is subtly marked by a slight depression along the line of the throat.

The 1 mm perforation for suspension passes through the neck portion of the pendant; fragments of metal possibly remain in the holes.


The differences between this pendant and are slight: this pendant weighs slightly more and is minutely shorter in length and wider. This pendant reveals the removal of a fault in the amber in the underside of the head. It also retains fragments of metal in the perforation.